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Horizontal castings in the Midlands

Wide Alloy Selection
Vacuum melted nickel and cobalt base alloys stainless steel, duplex and super duplex, Aluminium bronze, nickel aluminium bronze, gear bronze, bearium, Invar.

Centrifugal Castings
Vacuum melt facility with 700lbs (320kgs) capacity complete with vertical centrifugal caster, 40" diameter x 18" high envelope (1020mm x 460MM)

Horizontal Castings
Net shape centrifugal with fine surface finish and close tolerances.
Maximum cast weight air melt 30,000lbs (13600kgs)
Horizontal cast tubes and sleeves from 2" to 42" OD x 220" long (50mm OD to 1070mm OD x 5600mm)
AOD refined alloys.

Investment Castings
Air melt to 200lbs (90kgs)
Vacuum melt to 12" diameter x 14" height (305mm x 355mm)
Weight to 35lbs (15kgs)

Sand Castings
Chemically bonded sand and green sand moulding.
AOD refined alloys.

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Bespoke Specialist Metal Products, Aerospace Quality Metals, Aerospace Quality Alloys, Forging Quality Alloys and Aubert Duval in the UK

Intermetal Alloys, we are experts in supplying bespoke specialist metal products such as high performance alloys and speciality steels for use in defense, motorsport markets, power generation, aerospace and motorsport markets. Our products include a range of superalloys ideal for racing cars and jets, strong titanium alloys and alumium products. We also have a range of invar tooling. Each invar tooling plate is made to the highest build quality and can be used for lay up and RTM tools. We also provide a range of castings including centrigal casting with vacuum melt facilty, horizontal casting net shape centrifugal, investment casting air melt to 200lbs and sand casting chemically bonding. If you require fabricated products such as nickel alloy bar or cobalt alloy then look no further than the spinnings we can provide. We provide an expert and friendly service, contact us today to find out more!